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After being poked, proded and touched over my whole body; my medicals have been sent through. Just to receive an e-mail back, my chest x-ray is incomplete, they want more specific informations. The radiologist wasn't happy when I went back to the hospital. Oh well, I need the stupid report and he has to do it, whether he wants to or not.

I'm not in a very good mood today. I asked my ex on Tuesday night if he wanted to catch a movie with me on Friday. Considering we only separated because I'm going to Dubai and he has a phobia about long distance relationships. So what's the harm in trying to spend some more time together. But.... I stil haven't got a reply. Feel pretty stupid.

Well, thought I'd spoil you and show what I will look like in three months....

I don't really know what the uniform looked like before, but this doesn't look too bad. What am I suppose to do three months before I leave. Feels like i'm in limbo land...

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  1. MissMya Says:

    Hi Sorry but i have one question i did an xray but they say i have to wait for the results to get back to my gp for 2 weeks what can i do ?i only have 3 more days to get the report? Should i go to the hospital where i took them and ask them for a report or to go to private hospital and do them again? what do you advise me? :*

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