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Yeahhhhh! Just found out this morning, that one of the girls that I met at the Emirates interviews, also got a final interview for 6 September. I really hope she gets in. She's such a nice girl. We're trying to start at the same time, so we can do our training together. Still don't know whether it is possible. But we'll see.

I just wanted to add a picture of the animals that I have. So everyone knows why I keep going on about how I'll miss them.

This is Meraai, she was our pet meerkat, but she's not with us anymore, she's in meerkat heaven now!

Yip, Meraai is lying on top of my sisters boyfriend's Golden Retriever, Chuck. He has the ability to fall asleep and is uanble to wake up, even if a meerkat is lying on top of him!! They were so cute together.
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