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Everybody says don't worry. But you still do. I've send my last medical reports on Friday. After I had to make a few changes. Now I'm just waiting for that final email that confirms that I will indeed be going to Dubai. The whole recruitment process is quiet stress full. Especially if you are like me. I put my all into something I do and when it doesn't work out, I'm devastated.

I saw my ex again today. He looked really good. Came to fetch some cheese that my Mom is selling. I thought it would be okay to post a picture of him. So you can just know why I'm so crazy about him. We had a cigarette together and everything felt as if it was still normal. He gave me a quick kiss and a hug and I just couldn't let go. I hug him so tight. It strange how things can change so quickly. A week ago we were still happy and suddenly it all just becomes too much and it falls apart.

Let me just fill in that we went for a movie and dinner on Friday night. I just had to see him again. Remember this isn't your average break-up. We still love each other and want to be together, but I'm going to Dubai and he got burned in the past, cause of long distance relationships. So I don't blame him and he understand that I need to go overseas before I settle down. It's just our luck, that we met so early on. We had so much fun at the movies. We went for dinner at Vasco's my favourite. I absolutely love their calamari steak. Nothing funny happened, we just held hands for a bit and talked about what the future is going to hold for the both of us. He's such an amazing person, he keep motivating me about going to Dubai, about all the places I'm going to go, people I'll meet, while he must be torn up inside. Life can be so unfair sometimes.

One of the girls that works with me, gave me still great receipe. Unfortunately it's in Afrikaans, so I'm not gonna try and translate it.

Chocolate cupcake in a mug
  • 4 eetlepels koekmeel

  • 4 eetlepels suiker

  • 2 eetlepels kakao

  • 1 eier

  • 3 eetlepels melk

  • 3 eetlepels olie

  • 1 gewone koffiebeker

  1. Gooi die meel, suiker en kakao in die koppie en meng.

  2. Voeg die eier by en meng.

  3. Voeg die melk en olie by en meng goed.

  4. Mikrogolf die mengsel vir 3 minute op maksimum krag of tot dit ophou rys in die koppie.

  5. Skep uit en geniet met neute en sjokolade sous.
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