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If you've been following the blog, you'll know that I have had some troubles with my own medicals. This is definately not a fun part. But the sooner you finish it, the better. Considering you only have two weeks, from the date you received the email, to have the medicals completed and send to Emirates.

The good news is that you now get a new email address for correspondence and response is usually quite quick.

When starting on your medicals, remember EVERYTHING MUST BE IN ENGLISH!!! Coming from an Afrikaans province, this was hell. Most doctors complain about this.

This is the exact words that was send in my email from Emirates:
Please complete your medical tests as soon as possible. These forms need to be completed and approved by a certified doctor and then sent to us within 2 weeks of receiving this email. You also need to ask your Doctor to provide you with the necessary reports and specially for the below five tests stated below:

1- HIV report. (Please do not travel IF POSITIVE and do not continue further with the required test)
2- Haemoglobin Count
3- Hepatitis C (HCV) Test
4- A Detailed Chest X Ray report about heart and lungs.
5-Audiogram report & graph (graph is very important for approval of such)
6- Cervical smear test report (for females only - if applicable). If not applicable - Physician should mark NOT INDICATED in Appendix 2 in front of cervical smear test
7- Dental certificate – Doctor should mark Yes or No in front of dentally fit
8- Vaccination certificate with the initial course date

We need separate reports for each of the above test.

Kindly note the importance of the following:

1. Eye test: we require you to do an eye test whether you are wearing glasses or not. Eye section on next page must be filled in unless ophthalmology report attached.
2. In Appendix 2 in the medical form, make sure – all section must be filled up by your doctor.
All medical reports should be only in ENGLISH, and the handwriting of physician should be clear to read.

You may choose to go to any certified doctor to complete the required medical tests.

Please note pre-employment medical is preliminary medical; employment is subject to passing the following: -

· EK Air Crew licence medical
· Training
· Probationary period

(You will undertake the EK Air Crew licence medical on arrival in Dubai.) When you travel to Dubai, kindly bring with you :

1- The original medical forms, reports, and X Rays.
2- Photographs as per attached requirements.
3- Another 04 photos with the size 3x3.5 CMs, not Polaroid and not digital.
4- Passport copies (for each of your immediate family members father+mother+brothers and sisters).
5- Birth certificate copy (for your self and your siblings. Please note your BC should carry mother / father name.)
6- Original educational certificate and a copy of the same.
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I've been working on this for a while. Just to get all the information together, that I know I needed when I wanted to apply to work for Emirates.

It all starts with making the decision to leave your family and friends behind and making the commitment to go and live in a foreign country. I'm sure the journey will not always easy, but let's get started.


The first step is to register your information and cv on the website in order to gain an interview date. The important thing to remember about this process, is that it is a waiting game.

The next step is to receive an email verifying that you are invited to an interview. Mine was held on the 14th of July in Johannesburg at the Indaba Lodge Hotel and Conference Centre. Be prepared for the longest day of your life. My Mom and I arrived at half past 8, rather too early than late. I met a stunning girl, Yolande, but never took her contact details. She was also one of twins.

The first few steps towards the conference hall was the most challenging for the day. 91 girls I've never met, all dressed to kill in their business attire, looking you up and down and wondering who will get the job and who will go home in tears. I wore a new black shirt with jacket, red scarf and matching red shoes. To tell you the truth, I was the only person that didin't have black shoes on. At first I felt very stressed about this, but in the end I owned the outfit. So, different isn't always bad.

The day starts with watching lots of video's about Emirates. General questions get asked and try to anwer a few of the questions, this is just so the recruiters can start to notice you. But please don't be overbearing and try to steal the show from everyone. That is also not what they are looking for. We had two woman recruiters when I had my interview. The good news is that all 91 girls can be hired, there isn't a maximum amount of employee that need to be recruited. The only catch is, that you have to have the right opportunity to work for Emirates.

We got split into groups and for the rest of the day you basically had the same girls around you. Wish is nice, since you get the know them a bit and the best news is, that as the day goes along, most of the girls feel like your best friends at the end of the day. Going through this interview can do that to you.

Now please bear with me, as I'm doing most of this from memory.

First elimination round.....

Group discussions. I thought the girls were joking when they mentioned this earlier in the morning. But it is the nasty truth. We were about ten girls in our discussion group and you have to make sure that the recruiters notice you, but in a subtle way. We had to find out from the girl sitting on our right, what her name and surname is, where she is from, what her favourite food is and where she would spend a month, if she had the opportunity. It is all about presentation, how you talk in front of everyone, do you add a little something extra, are you comfortable, can you answer questions. Voila! You've make the first round.

I forgot to mention, this is also the part were you get to stand on tip toes to see if you can reach 212cm. Now there are people spreading nonsense about minimum height and weight. If you can reach 212cm you are in the clear, I'm currently 1,62cm and I reached it with ease. More later on the weight issues. I need to calm down some more first.

After every round, every girl gets a piece of paper with you number (that is assigned during the morning) on it and it either says congratulations or thank you for your time and good luck next time. That is the worst part of the day, waiting to get that half page that has so little typed on it, but contains so much information.

Second elimination round....

Congratulations to all the girls that had English higher grade as their first language, us Afrikaans girls have to right an English exam, since English was our second language in high school. If you did reasonably in English at school you should have no problem. I got a distinction and I aced the paper we wrote. Be prepared to write an essay, we had to write an essay on 'if you were the president of a country, which country would it be and why and what would you change'. I obviously chose Zimbabwe and poured my little heart out about Robert Mugabe and the destruction he has caused the country. I think their were tears in their eyes when they finished. Some of my best work. And again voila! Your second piece of paper.

Third elimination round......

This is more tricky. More group discussions. Smaller groups. More talking. More opinions. Things can get heated quickly. We were about nine or eight girls in our group. We got a few questions to discuss:

  • Your are the manager of a prestigious restaurant, your head chef called in sick and you only have an assistant chef, , the restaurant is full, how are you going to handle the situation?
  • Some tables have order starters, main and others are waiting on desert. Which tables get priority?
  • A VIP member of Parlement is threatening to shut down the restaurant, he is unhappy with having to wait for their order. What do you do?

With the third question, I almost lost my temper with a girl that had a strange London accent and apparently worked in a posh restaurant/hotel there. She just didn't want to listen to anybody's input, suggestions or anything. Even though she had more experience than any of us, she wasn't open to anyone. This is when I realized what Emirates might be looking for. Remember, this is just my opinion of how things went down. They want someone who can take leadership and initiative in a crisis, but can listen to input, get advice and information and then only make a decision. It also means admitting if your advice wasn't the best (which I had to do when someon gave their opinion).

We were three girls that basically led the conversations, with input from the other girls. The London girl didin't make the cut. Surprise, suprise! While the third girl was very attractive, a bit older than us, and had the perfect personality. I think she didn't make it, cause she mentioned she had a cross tatooed on her ankle. Big no-no!

During the discussion you will be called towards one of the interviewees and asked to identify any scars, marks, tattooes, etc. that you have. They coax you into telling, by saying that if an airplane was to crash, they could identify you through the scars. Which makes sense, but this is also the point were they find out about tattooes.

If you managed through this, you are unofficially half way through the process. By this time, it's around six or half past six at night. You probably hadn't had anything to drink or eat all day, even though you had half an hour lunch, but was too stressed to eat.

Then everyone gets together in the conference hall. This is where you can see who is still in the running. We were only 19 girls left. I was amazed. I thought they would have less girls, but I was none the less impressed with our group. Papers where then handed out to all of us. These needed to be completed before your final interview. Here they wasted quite a bit of time, going through small details of how the forms should be filled in. We then still had to do the 16PF Personality Test. i was not happy about this. By that time I was feeling dizzy and ready to throw up all over the papers. Lack of food and water and extremely stressful situations will do that. But I somehow got through it. We finished at half past seven. I had come half circle.

My final interview was the following morning at eight o'clock. I was so tired and drained the following morning, but I managed. I can only thank Jesus for giving me the strength to have gone through all of it. I must admit, that if I failed the first time, I would not have done it all over again.

In your final interview, they ask quite a few questions about work situations. They are adamant about giving specific details and examples:

  • Have you ever helped an employee without them asking / with them asking and how?
  • How did you handle a conflict situation?
  • Have you ever had a stressful situation at work, how did you handle it?
  • Why do you want to become a cabin crew member?
  • Stong and weak points?

The list goes on, but those I remember in particular. After that, the waiting starts again. I was phoned about two weeks later and informed that I would shortly receive an email containing all the information about the medical reports I need to submit and it also contained my temporary employment contract.

"As per our conversation, with reference to your application for the position of Cabin Crew with Emirates, I am pleased to advise that you have progressed to the next stage of the recruitment process whereby your file has been recommended for final approvals."

I think I'm maybe making this all sound like a drag, but it's an incredibly amazing process, you wait for days on your nerves are shot, but in between you amazing the most incredible destinations and people. So, in the end I also hope it'll be worth it. I'll know in 123 days.

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I almost reached 50 nights to go, then I got my exam roster, I'm only finishing on the 22nd of November. Long story short - I'll be in Dubai on the 24th of January 2009. Another 123 nights to go, of endless wondering about all the amazing places and peoples I'm going to meet and see.

As you notice, I'm not angry about starting to count from scratch again. It's because I've had my cooling off period. Otherwise someone would've reported this sight to someone and have it removed. But I've accepted it just as something that the Lord has planned for me and there is nothing I can do about it.

Everything is still going good at work. I'm feeling nostalgic about leaving. Not the people, but I absolutely love the work that I'm doing at the moment. The business, marketing and growth plans and doing the financials of the new businesses. I'll definately have to come work and work here when I'm finished in Dubai. But for now, I'm still not certain how long that is going to be.

Tomorrow is National Heritage Day, which for us Afrikaans mense, beteken braai dag!!!!! We're gonna have a few friends over, braai some meat and just relax. I desperately need to, after all my anger towards the Varsity. The bonus is, that it is really starting to feel like summer today and the weather man promised a warm day tomorrow!

I recently joined a group on Facebook, called Weird Nature. One of the girls that work with me started the group and it is amazing. I have such a love for animals and this site shows various pictures of animals and gives bits of information. I was recently made marketing liaison and researcher. Which I am proud to share. I'll post a few of the pictures available on the site below.

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Just to give you an idea of where I will be in 70 nights....

Eat your heart out....
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Might as well enlighten you on my newest medical development. Two weeks ago I had a filling done, in order to go to Dubai. I am absolutely terrified of dentists. The smell of the place makes me want to vomit.

After an hour in the chair I was released to go and try and eat and drink like a normal person.

Just to add that I have another appointment on Monday. Somewhere someone screwed up. My tooth aches all the time, especially when I drink or eat something cold. Imagine trying to drink a slush puppie in the movies and you'll have a picture of my pain.

So just to scare everybody from letting their teeth rot, I decided to add some delicious reminders, enjoy....