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I almost reached 50 nights to go, then I got my exam roster, I'm only finishing on the 22nd of November. Long story short - I'll be in Dubai on the 24th of January 2009. Another 123 nights to go, of endless wondering about all the amazing places and peoples I'm going to meet and see.

As you notice, I'm not angry about starting to count from scratch again. It's because I've had my cooling off period. Otherwise someone would've reported this sight to someone and have it removed. But I've accepted it just as something that the Lord has planned for me and there is nothing I can do about it.

Everything is still going good at work. I'm feeling nostalgic about leaving. Not the people, but I absolutely love the work that I'm doing at the moment. The business, marketing and growth plans and doing the financials of the new businesses. I'll definately have to come work and work here when I'm finished in Dubai. But for now, I'm still not certain how long that is going to be.

Tomorrow is National Heritage Day, which for us Afrikaans mense, beteken braai dag!!!!! We're gonna have a few friends over, braai some meat and just relax. I desperately need to, after all my anger towards the Varsity. The bonus is, that it is really starting to feel like summer today and the weather man promised a warm day tomorrow!

I recently joined a group on Facebook, called Weird Nature. One of the girls that work with me started the group and it is amazing. I have such a love for animals and this site shows various pictures of animals and gives bits of information. I was recently made marketing liaison and researcher. Which I am proud to share. I'll post a few of the pictures available on the site below.

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