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Might as well enlighten you on my newest medical development. Two weeks ago I had a filling done, in order to go to Dubai. I am absolutely terrified of dentists. The smell of the place makes me want to vomit.

After an hour in the chair I was released to go and try and eat and drink like a normal person.

Just to add that I have another appointment on Monday. Somewhere someone screwed up. My tooth aches all the time, especially when I drink or eat something cold. Imagine trying to drink a slush puppie in the movies and you'll have a picture of my pain.

So just to scare everybody from letting their teeth rot, I decided to add some delicious reminders, enjoy....
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  1. Airboy Says:

    Hey there, congrats on being selected ! I totally feel your stress about the medicals as I can recall... A whole new life begins shortly for you, with ups and downs, moving out to another totally different country is a challenge and you must go for it heart out. You will have a brilliant time out here no matter what ! Keep us posted and thank you very much for the link ! I have updated my blogroll with yours so you get a piece of my cake ! If you need information on what so ever, please do send an email, I'll be there to answer ! Enjoy the rest of the time you have with your family and loved ones, time flies so quick when you have a deadline ! Hope to see you soon here in Dub-Dub !

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