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Every Tuesday night, I give a Sunday school class to grade 8's in a girl school. I always try to teach them something that they can take with them for the week and I try to leave some small footprint of God in their hearts.

When I look at the photo's below I want to scream to the world that we need to do something. This is happening right under our noses. While we are driving new cars, going home for a full plate of food, toning my body in the gym and going to the movies and parties over the weekend.

Some of these kids have most probably never even experience the normal life of a child. How can we allow this to go on. We can't ignore it, we now know what is happening. People are starving and dying every single day and we throw our left overs away.

Even if we just realise what is going on and are thanful for everything that we have. It is a start. We should really be grateful for what we've got. Sometimes the words sound so empty, and judgemental. But even when things are going as bad as they possibly can, we can still go on, we still have hope.

But it's a different story, for the people in the pictures. We can all begin to complain when we are in their positions. Let us all be grateful and thank the Lord for what we have.

The impossible, is possible for God. It is in these dire situations, that there will always be a person that still praises the Lord that they are alive and all the he is giving them. That is the example we need to follow.

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