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Today is the perfect summer day. As spring starts, it always feels as if anything is possible. It's my favourite time of the year. Thus, I decided to give some ideas on the ideal party theme. Take a look at some of the pictures belows, to get some new and original ideas.

Colour Themed Showers

I went to a baby shower last week Saturday with my Mom. I haven't had that much experience with baby showers, but I've got to tell you it was very boring. Everybody just brought the presents, had something to eat quickly and left. There was really anything special about it. I would want something different for my baby showers, something that someone will at least remember and make beautiful pictures.

Try to incorporate a colour for the theme of the shower. And don't just stick with blue or pink. Yes, it is the traditional colours, but try to mix it with green, purple, or yellow for a completely different look.

We might as well sit down to a nice light meal. With kids on the way, these will not always be possible. So enjoy it while one still can.

This might sound strange to some people, but try to leave the other kids at home. At this shower, there were more than 20 kids running around the house and in between the presents. See it as giving yourself a break, to go to a decent, sit-down shower with friends.

New party ideas

I love a party that had at least more than ten minutes thought go into the theme. Anything that is not the norm, makes me excited.
The picture below is also for a shower or kids party. This is definately thinking out of the box!

My sister received an invitation to an engagement party the other day, In our culture, this is not something were a party is usually held, it is of course something to be celebrated, but not on the same scale as a baby shower or stork party. I thought it was especially in poor taste to ask to bring presents, as this is the purpose of the stork party. But who am I to judge. I found this nice table setting to celebrate an engagement or anniversary.
And for some nice table settings for a dinner of party, try some of the following settings:
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