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Last week Saturday I was at a wedding exhibition in Bloemfontein at the Waterfront. If someone is getting married soon and still looking for a nice wedding dress, maybe some of these photo's might help.

I had two favourite dresses during the show. This was definately one of them.

The picture below shows more detail of the dress.

This dress was my other favourite.

The detail of the dress was amazing, I just loved it.

Well, I'm not getting married any time soon, so I thought I'd have to have some idea of what to wear to my girlfriend's wedding next month. This dress looks like a winner!!

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  1. Nice dresses. I like the second and third one the most, last red one is looking sober and simple. I am looking for some good looking designs so that I can suggest my friend who is getting married in few months. I will recommend this page to her. Thanks for sharing.

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