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These are a few of the things I want to do when I am in Dubai. We only live once!!!

Camel riding and sand surfing
Dubai is one of the few places in the world where you can try sand surfing using a snowboard. This is truly an exciting new experience for sports lovers both for its innovativeness and safety, as each fall means a touch of soft and warm sand. As your expertise increases, you will feel the rush of the wind as you speed down the slopes of the sand dunes. Light refreshments will be available to quench your thirst and to prepare you for another ride down. Or if you are tired you can just lie back and sunbathe. After that, you can have plenty of time to enjoy a long and memorable ride on camel back to our incomparable campsite in the Centre of the desert.

Mountain safari

This tour takes us to one of the UAE’s most amazing and beautiful spots. First we drive to our unique camp in the desert for camel rides and sand surfing. Moving forward, our desert and mountain safari will bring us to the heart of the Hajar Mountains which offers spectacular drives amid rugged mountain scenery, imposing cliffs, geological layers, and ochre-coloured mountains. At the canyons area we will find fresh water rock pools. You will also have the chance to swim in the natural pools of Hatta that have cool water all year round and to see the hidden waterfalls inside a gorge. After this amazing experience, our tour wends its way to the ancient fortress village of Hatta. Next, we will have lunch at a five star hotel where you can relax and enjoy the swimming pool before heading back to Dubai.


Falconry is one of the traditional pastimes of Dubai since ages. The origin of falconry dates back to more than 2000 years. At first, falcons were used for hunting hares, bustards and houbara in order to obtain meat. It was also a way of life for tribal leaders wherein they would engage in this entertainment activity during the day and in the evening, they would spend time with their subjects around the campfire. As hunting companions to saluki hunting dogs, falcons were also used in taking down gazelles.

The capturing, taming and training of falcons require tremendous patience, skill and courage. To ensure a proper handling of the birds, there are a number of federal and emirate laws in place. Under the Emirates Bird Ringing Scheme, a microchip is inserted under each bird’s skin and a ring with a unique identification number is fitted on its leg. This enables scientists and conservationists in keeping a track of the birds and their migratory patterns. A couple of years ago, a campaign to issue passports to these birds was undertaken. This was aimed at checking the illegal trade of falcons.

Today, falconry is an endangered branch of Dubai’s rich cultural legacy. Rapid urbanization in the UAE over the last few years has adversely affected the natural habitat of the falcons. Moreover, new falconers do not respect the codes of practising this sport and also indulge in over-hunting. This has posed a threat to these beautiful birds as well as to the cultural offshoot of the game itself.

In order to preserve this sport for posterity’s sake, the UAE government is working in collaboration with UNESCO for imbuing falconry with the status of a cultural heritage across the globe.

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