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Emirates Airline (shortened form: Emirates) is a subsidiary of The Emirates Group based in Dubai, United Arab Emirates (UAE). In 2007 the airline was the eighth-largest airline in the world in terms of international passengers carried, and fifth-largest.

Emirates is one of only five airlines to operate an all wide-body aircraft fleet. Emirates will have 122 Boeing 777s in its fleet by 2011 making it the single largest aircraft type in fleet, and 58 Airbus A380s by 2012. The airline also hopes to have over 120 Airbus A350's in its fleet by 2016. The airline expects to have over 200 aircraft in its fleet by 2013. Current orders suggest that Emirates will have over 500 aircraft in their fleet by 2021.

Emirates became the second operator of the Airbus A380 when their first aircraft was delivered on 28 July 2008. It is now in operation on the Dubai to New York JFK and Dubai to London Heathrow routes.

The airline was established on 25 May 1985 by the Dubai government. It started operations with flights to Karachi and Mumbai followed by Delhi in September. Two Airbus A300 and Boeing 737-300 were leased from Pakistan International Airlines (PIA). Subsequently two Boeing 727-200 Advanced were acquired from the UAE's Royal Flight. These aircraft were used until Emirates began taking delivery of a fleet of newly built Airbus A300-600R and Airbus A310-300 wide-body aircraft. The first European destination to be added in July 1987 was London Gatwick and Far Eastern operations commenced to Singapore in June 1990. Emirates acquired a financial stake of 43.6% and a management contract for Air Lanka on 1 April 1998, which subsequently changed its name to SriLankan Airlines. In January 2008, Emirates announced that it will pass the management of SriLankan Airlines to the Sri Lankan government in April 2008. There are no plans to remove or decrease the stake in the airline.

Emirates Airline is wholly owned by the Government of Dubai and has 35,000 employees.
Emirates flies to over 100 destinations in 56 countries on six continents from its primary hub in Dubai. It has a strong presence in the Southeast Asian region, which together, connects Dubai with more international destinations in the region than any other Middle Eastern airline. The airline also flies the Kangaroo Route. Emirates does not offer any domestic service within the United Arab Emirates.

While Emirates does not maintain sizable hubs elsewhere, it has taken advantage of liberal bilateral aviation agreements between Dubai and Australia, and with Singapore, to offer more onward connections from Sydney and Dubai.

Emirates Flight Catering Company has over 4,800 employees and provides in-flight catering and support services for airlines at Dubai International Airport.

A catering facility dedicated to the production of airline meals for Emirates Airlines opened in March 2007. The facility has a capacity of 115,000 meal trays per day.

The company provided 22.3 million airline meals in 2006, and will produce over 24 million meals in 2007. The daily average meal uplift is 115,000.

Emirates, which hopes to take delivery of 58 Airbus A380 has invested Dh73 million ($20 million) to expand its crew training facility at the Emirates Aviation College in Dubai. To serve its expanding operations the airline has been hiring new cabin crew at a rate of 90 per week, due to rise to 120 per week as larger aircraft, especially the A380s, join the fleet. By 2011, Emirates expects to have more than 17,000 cabin crew on its payroll.
Danielle's Cabin Crew Blog
Considering how much time I've had the last few weeks at work. I came across a few articles about Emirates on Wikipedia.com. It's an amazing encyclopedia that is free. If there is anything you would like to know, just go there.

This is where I found the three pictures of what the different flight classes on Emirates aeroplanes looks like. So enjoy as there are only three. When you move your mouse over the pictures they will stop and might have a description that I've added to the bottom.

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A Happy Christmas and a Merry New Year to everyone.
Danielle's Cabin Crew Blog
I've just realized that it is absolutely useless using different templates. I'm a person that is used to change and I like to change the blog template every few weeks, cause I get bored with it. But it jams my whole blog and it just doesn't want to work then.

So from now on, it's going to have to be plain jane I'm afraid.

If anyone has any tips, please feel free to share.
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I hate my work at the moment. To be honest, I don't have any work to do at the moment and it is extremely frustrating.

The good news is that it is 39 days until I get on the airplane to Dubai. I can't wait anymore. I've been waiting six months to get on the plane.

The sad news is that I got a re-examination for one of my subjects, for the first time in my life. I'm writing the subject on the 15th of January, I'm so dissapointed. But I was feeling ill when I wrote and I decided to take a chance, otherwise I would in any case be writing the subject in January.

Well, Friday is finally holiday and I can't wait anymore. Gym, twice a day, spend time with my dogs and my Mom and rest and read and eat and watch tv. Basically just doing nothing. I can't wait.

If anybody is interested in the images that I posted of the pictures. Most of the images I got from Getty's Images on the web. They have some amazing pictures. I have some scheduled posts coming up that will include quite a lot of pictures. Just in case you were wondering, the slide shows are currently just my way of cutting time on uploading pictures, as my blog is still blocked at work. But I'm able to upload the photo's to slide.com. Let me know what you think of the slide shows and if they work well.
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Danielle's Cabin Crew Blog
I had no choice to to upload these fabulous dresses for up-and-coming brides to be. I saved the best dresses for last. The last dress is my abosulte favourite!!!

Danielle's Cabin Crew Blog
It's 49 days until I take my eight hour flight from Johannesburg to Dubai. In terms of days left at work it feels like an eternity. But I've started getting butterflies in my stomach for the actual getting on the plane and going to a foreign country part. Marese, one of the girls I met at my Johannesburg interviews, flew to Dubai today. I'm hoping to get some tips from her on the first few weeks in training. Will meet up with her soon. I'm constantly changing the blog at the moment. Still deciding and getting a feel for what I actually like. I got an email from Jeanne, that is currently working with me about the strangest buildings from all over the world. I found it fascinating, but only decided to post the nicest ones.

Ripley's Building in Ontario, Canada.

The Crooked House in Sopot, Poland.

Wonderworks Building in Pigeon Forge, United States

Wooden Gangster House, Archangelshi, Russia.