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It's 49 days until I take my eight hour flight from Johannesburg to Dubai. In terms of days left at work it feels like an eternity. But I've started getting butterflies in my stomach for the actual getting on the plane and going to a foreign country part. Marese, one of the girls I met at my Johannesburg interviews, flew to Dubai today. I'm hoping to get some tips from her on the first few weeks in training. Will meet up with her soon. I'm constantly changing the blog at the moment. Still deciding and getting a feel for what I actually like. I got an email from Jeanne, that is currently working with me about the strangest buildings from all over the world. I found it fascinating, but only decided to post the nicest ones.

Ripley's Building in Ontario, Canada.

The Crooked House in Sopot, Poland.

Wonderworks Building in Pigeon Forge, United States

Wooden Gangster House, Archangelshi, Russia.
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