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As with many local customs around the world, Islam distinguishes the use of the right and left hands for a number of applications.

The left hand is primarily used for cleaning yourself, especially for cleaning the private parts after using the toilet.

The right hand is used for just about everything else - shaking hands, eating and picking up the Qur'an should only be done with the right hand - be sure to remember this!

If someone offers to shake your hand while it is dirty, don't offer to shake with your left. Simply tell them that your hand is dirty, and offer your right forearm for him / her to shake instead. Remember to only offer to shake hand with someone of the same gender as you.

With regards to writing, drawing, or any other activities, there is no preference between your left and right hands.

Always greet your fellow Muslims by saying "Assalamu Alaikum" (Peace be upon you). The proper reply to this is "Wa'laikum Salaam" (And upon you be peace).

Always say "Bismillah" (In the name of Allah) before starting to do anything, especially eating or travelling.

If you sneeze, say "Alhamdulillah" (All praises and thanks to Allah). If you hear someone else sneeze, say "Ya Harmuk Allah" (May Allah be merciful to you).

Last, but definitely not least, do not say anything that associates others with Allah or may be blasphemous - for example "Jesus Christ is God!". This particular sin is known as shirk, and it is the worst sin a Muslim can commit as it goes against the very essence of Islam.

For those who are married, showing your affection to your loved one in public can cause offence. Any kind of passionate contact, such as prolonged kissing or hugging, should definitely be avoided. Milder forms of affection, such as holding hands or putting your arms around each other whilst walking, are makruh (disliked, but not forbidden). In other words, a lot of discretion needs to be taken, especially if you are in a area where other Muslims are likely to be present (i.e. near a mosque).

Hope this information will give you valuable insight when you travel to Dubai or other Muslim countries.
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