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My friend Dominique just phoned me this morning (was still lazing in bed) with the good news that Christine will be moved from temporary accommodation to Sheikh Zayed Road. The big move is happening on the 21st and we can't wait to have her closer to us.

Since I have an off day today we might just go to Dominique's apartment and use the pool. This is the life of a cabin crew member, having too many days off and spending them inside a mall eating fast food or beside the pool or beach.

What I hate is that I get so confused with the dates, I could've sworn I had my flight to Bombay tomorrow, but I realized it's only the 19th today and my flight is on the 21st. I find myself not knowing what the date or day is when I wake up. Never mind having to think twice which continent I am on.

But so far so good with my new career with Emirates Airlines. I've had some heart stopping moments about the economic climate we are in at the moment. But it seems as though Emirates have good plans in place to stop from laying off us poor new crew members. But it's still like that little thought in the back of your head that you can't get rid off.

This is the view from the other side of Sheikh Zayed Road, from my friend Tandi's apartment. She was living in White Building but they've all been giving notice that they will be moved to new apartments, as the rental contract has come to an end. Which kind of sucks big time, considering that they will be moved to near Sharjah. But there's so many crew being moved there these days that I guess it will soon be just as populated with crew as living on Sheikh Zayed. I'm still having arguments with the accommodation apartment at Emirates about moving me into a different apartment. We are three girls living together in this apartment. The one girls is quite nice, but the other one (I'd rather not mention her name) has been a nightmare since I've moved in, and I've just about had enough. "Tot hier toe en nie verder nie". Accommodation must sigh everytime they see me walking into the department, as I don't let down. But so far no luck. It's this economic crisis, that is causing havoc with small changes within Emirates. All moves have been put on hold indefinately because the priority is to move crew from temporary hotel accommodation into permanent accommodation. Which I can understand of course, but certainly they must know how many people are left in temporary and how many apartments they have left and be able to give me a timeline to work with. Even I can think that up, but accommodation thinks I don't have two brain cells to rub together. Hopefully I'll soon be anouncing my move into a new apartment. I've requested a two bedroom apartment, three girls aren't the Powderpuff Girl mix everybody thinks.
In the meantime , while I've been on my eigth day trip we poor old building residents have managed to gain a gym in C Block, I hear it's small but everthing we need is there. I might just go over there and check it out this morning. It opens at nine, so still got a few minutes. Between all the skipping meals and then catching up on them with fast food I need to keep my body sane by at least going to the gym as often as I can. It's the least I can do.
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