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We'll it's been three months since i have put anything on the blog except the automatic postings i put on before I left South Africa.

Just had a random person add me on MSN and trying to talk to me about my blog when I realized that there are still new people reading the blog and people want new information. So I must be crazy, but I've decided to continue with the blog. Why I wanted to stop I don't know, but I seem to have a bit more time on my hands again so I guess no harm in starting with it again.

There is so much information that I would like to put down for people who are interested in starting their careers with Emirates. But considering that recruitment has stopped for the moment, I guess I'll have a bit of time before I need to get all the information on here.

Other than briefly stating that I am currently in Dubai, have finished my training and going on my seventh operational flight, the rest can wait until I've worked out in my mind exactly how to put everything on the blog.

Came back from an eight day trip this morning, so not in the best state of mind to start writing long posts.

Just wanted to say that during my first week at College I had an Asian male walk up to me as I was entering the lift asking me if I was the Danielle that had the blog and is from South Africa. I lied and denied it all. I apologize, as I was so flabergasted that anyone would recognize me from the picture on the blog and being a fan. But next time I'll stop and chat for a bit.

I guess this truly is the beginning of a new chaper...
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  1. I also wanted to quit blogging, but sometimes a blog breaks through the loneliness, and can put you in touch when you're out of touch.
    My next door neighbour is an ex air hostess that married a wealthy American.

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