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Okay how embaressing it is when people recognize you from your own blog. But I know I've mentioned this before and it always irritated me when people always said on their blogs that they are going to update their blogs and never do, I think I will be able to make a commitment and start updating, since I've been receiving so many emails from everyone about information about Dubai etc.

Well, this morning I came back from London Gatwick. Although I didn't take in some sight-seeing I did get to do some amazing shopping with my friend Dominique and spend some quality time with her that definately made it worth it. So whenever you are going on a Gatwick layover go to the 99pence, one pound and Primark, that's the places that have the best shopping.

I'm just at my friends house quickly, she's making us some mince and rice, and drinking a nice glass of Amarula with ice. I'm starting to get some flu at the moment, so will definately have to go to the clinic in the morning before my amazing trip to Paris. And I don't want to be sick as I've been waiting for this layover since end of last month.

Just to update quickly I've been able to move just before my leave started, and it's been such a relieve since the apartment is amazing, my new roomies is very nice and it seems like I've finally been able to make a home for myself in Dubai.

Till later au revior...
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  1. GirlonTour Says:

    Life seems to be going well for you and you seem to have settled in very nicely. :D

  2. I think it would be an honor that people recognize you because of your work or Blog. I do love to have such writing skill as people know me because of my blog.

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